Explore Amarillo’s wide-open spaces in the heart of the Texas Panhandle. Start outside and discover epic views at Palo Duro Canyon , the second largest canyon in the United States. Whether you want to go horseback riding, zip-lining , hiking, camping, biking, or just enjoy the beauty of Texas, Palo Duro Canyon is about a half-hour drive from ... Amarillo ISD adopted a tax rate that will raise more taxes for maintenance and operations than last year’s tax rate. The tax rate will effectively be raised by 1.5 percent and will lower taxes for maintenance and operations on a $100,000 home by approximately $10.20. Things to Do in Amarillo, Texas: See Tripadvisor's 8,278 traveler reviews and photos of Amarillo tourist attractions. Find what to do today, this weekend, or in October. We have reviews of the best places to see in Amarillo. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions. AUSTIN — A recent spike in COVID-19 in Amarillo and Lubbock prompted Gov. Greg Abbott to order a surge of resources into the cities Friday in an effort to contain the outbreak. 'As the Amarillo ... Amarillo College delivers Associate Degree and Certificate programs that enrich lives, inspire success, and provide an outstanding academic foundation. AC students have success whether they are looking to immediately enter the workforce or proceed to a university. Amarillo, Texas is a unique and history-rich area located where the southern plains meet the desert. Amarillo and the surrounding Panhandle area are a unique blend of two American eras; working western ranches and a vibrant twenty-first-century economy - making Amarillo the perfect mix of old and new Texas traditions. Subscriber Benefits. Access unlimited news on all your devices, receive subscriber-only newsletters, exclusive content, and tons of perks. Amarillo is the perfect place to get a big taste of Texas even if you only have a small amount of time. From canyons to old Cadillacs and gigantic steaks to grand scenery, the city is an Old West enthusiast's dream. One of the country's best collections of Western art and artifacts can be found at the Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum. Amarillo Public Library will offer a Citizenship Class taught in Spanish as well as the usual class in English. Classes are free, but registration is required and interested students can register for either class at these times. View More; Breastfeeding Support Breastfeeding Support Get the latest breaking news, sports, entertainment and obituaries in Amarillo, TX from Amarillo Globe-News.

Amarillo, Texas - The Center of the Known Universe

2010.02.24 07:45 johnattebury Amarillo, Texas - The Center of the Known Universe


2008.01.25 08:33 Welcome to /r/Food on Reddit!

Images of Food

2008.06.23 18:50 Homebrewing

Welcome brewers, mazers, vintners, and cider makers!

2020.10.20 18:35 TheMitch33 International Hop NEIPA (need some opinions)

Hey Homebrewing! My girlfriend got me some mystery hops for my birthday last week (I pointed her to YVH and said "go crazy!"). I've got a wide variety of hops on hand now and want to do a NEIPA this weekend and highlight one multiple of these new varieties:
"Mainstream" hops I have: El Dorado Centennial Chinook Azacca Amarillo (never used this but I've heard it's Cascade-ish)
International Varieties: Southern Star (this one sounds great!) Kazbek Ariana Syrian Goldings
My thoughts at first glance are that Southern Star and Ariana are going to be the best for a NEIPA, but wanted to see if anyone had any opinions on which of this list to pair up (2-4 varieties should be plenty) and timing as well.
Idea one: Chinook for FWH bittering, Amarillo/Azacca/Centennial for whirlpool, Southern Star at high krausen for some biotransformation fun, and then finish it off with a late dry hop of Amarillo and a bit more Southern Star
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2020.10.20 18:18 IncelArmie BEWARE IF YOU'RE AT ENCHANTED TRAILS RV PARK - Nazi Livestreamer Baked Alaska is There Now Instigating Fights and Assaults

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2020.10.20 17:34 FinickyAesthetics My job has been underpaying it’s workers since March

I am a server at a local Mexican restaurant in Amarillo, TX who has added a curbside takeout service in March as a response to the pandemic. Since then, we have opened up our dining room but still offer this service. If you are scheduled a curbside shift, we were always told that we needed to clock in as servers ($2.13/hr) because we still get tips from the curbside orders. These tips are SIGNIFICANTLY less than what you would make during a serving shift, making curbside shifts a complete waste of time and money. For example, I worked curbside yesterday morning with one other person, we have to split the tips so we each made about $15 each from 10:30-2. If I was serving, I would have made at least $100. My job does reimburse you in your paycheck if you don’t average minimum wage in a pay period, but Friday and Saturday nights usually “make up” for any curbside shifts.
Well, fast forward to last week when we had a meeting over company policies. Somehow these curbside shifts got brought up and the district manager made it sound like we were supposed to be getting paid $8.50/hr for curbside shifts THE ENTIRE TIME. Since March. After the meeting they have been paying us this much, but I am just thinking about how much money everyone at this restaurant is owed and if a lawsuit over this would hold up in a court of law. By my estimate, they could owe us a few thousand dollars each depending on how many curbside shifts each person worked...
I have mentioned this to several of my coworkers hoping they would be as outraged as I am, and they all kinda agreed but it was very jokingly and like they don’t actually see it happening..... but I am actually super pissed about it and truly believe they owe me money. Are my thoughts valid? Should I seek legal help? Please give me advice!
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2020.10.20 14:19 Americangearllc Precision Gear Manufacturer - Custom Gears by American Gear

Precision Gear Manufacturer - Custom Gears by American Gear
We at American Gear Llc based in Houston, Texas, with over a hundred years of experience repair and rebuild gearbox by manufacturers like Falk, Rexnord, Amarillo, Philadelphia, Nord, Marley, Lufkin, Rexnord to name a few.
As a dependable gearbox repair and Precision Gear Manufacturer company, we are chosen by large and small manufacturers like steel and paper mills, utility power plants, oil refineries, chemical processing facilities, Petrochemical industries, Defence and other industrial plants from around the world that depend on speed reducers and gearbox rely on American Gear Llc.
Having been in the industry for over a hundred years we have the best engineers in the industry to reverse engineer your gear components back to OEM or better with a warranty or exchange your unit and purchase one of the fully rebuilt units.
For all your requirements on Gears and Reducer services kindly get in touch with us at 713.360.6995 and take some time to visit our website at
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2020.10.20 09:57 Hiroelking amarillo amarillo platano fui fui fui

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2020.10.20 05:32 overworkedserver- Lazy food runners? Help?

We’ve been struggling with this for some time and it’s gonna be a long post.
The runners here are responsible for a lot. they have to stock plates for two kitchens (6 stacks entree plates, 6 stacks 6oz/app plates, 2 stacks 8oz plates, 6 stacks entree bowls, bacon hangars, crab chargers, french onion bowls, clam chowder bowls, just all the plates and utensils) make sauces, bag sauces, and portion sauce ramekins (steak sauce, ahi amarillo aioli, ketchup, cocktail, lemon herb aioli, sour cream, whipped butter, parm, etc). lemon booties. They need to communicate with the chefs about what they need. It’s a lot but it’s easy if your coworkers are working with you.
I’ve been running there for almost 6 months (subtracting my covid hiatus). It is NOT a hard job, if you keep up with the sidework during your shift and communicate with your coworkers and the chefs. You’ll notice i’ve said communicate a lot. That’s because they don’t.
I was the lead runner and in charge of sidework and since I got promoted to server it’s gone to shit. I have one running shift a week and I spend the entire time doing sidework they should’ve had done. During the shifts I work they slack because me and the new lead runner are both working and they think we’ll cover their asses.
We always have a fuck ton of runners (Like 2 more than we need) because they love to do... NOTHING. The sidework doesn’t vary, and there’s always more than enough of them to do it, but they just... don’t? There’s a huge detailed list and beside it the quick notes and they don’t use it and then ask what they should do. It’s like they don’t get that they’d make more money if they worked harder bc they wouldn’t need to schedule as many of them.
Management is at the point where they’d rather hire new runners if they keep up this attitude. I can’t even look at the kitchen on my serving days because it’s in disarray.
The new lead (she only works 3 days) and I have trained half of these asshats and they still don’t get it or don’t care. They’re all 20-28 with previous restaurant experience and should KNOW better. They don’t seem to get that the entire waitstaff and management are absolutely ashamed of them and their performance. They auction food even with seat numbers, they don’t respond to hands when that’s their one fucking job. They don’t tell chefs when they’re running out of things, just absolute asshattery.
I’m at a loss and don’t know what to do with them? I can’t relate to being okay with average.
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2020.10.20 02:43 TooLateHindsight King of the Hill 11x05 "Hank Gets Dusted"

King of the Hill 11x05
Premise: When Cotton tells Hank he is coming over to get rid of his Cadillac, Hank is beyond excited. He loves that car and is looking forward to creating new memories with that beautiful ride. But it turns out Cotton is gifting it to Hank's cousin Dusty, who also happens to be a leading member of ZZ Tops! To Hank's dismay, Dusty comes to Arlen not only to pickup the car but to also shoot a new reality tv where Hank is the butt of all his jokes.
Directed By: Wesley Archer
Written By: Sanjay Shah, Kit Boss, Mike Judge, and Greg Daniels
Original Date: 01 April 2007
Fun Fact: At the end of the episode, Cotton's car gets pushed nose-first into a hole where it rests at a vertical angle among numerous other Cadillac's. This is in reference to the famous "Cadillac Ranch", an art installation located along the tatters of historic Route 66 in Amarillo Texas.
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2020.10.20 00:34 more-like-the-weeks1 Home prices in Texas cities: September 2020

I see a lot of "I'm moving to Texas soon, where should I live on X budget?" posts in this sub.
Instead of hashing out whether City X is really more expensive than City Y five times a week, I figured I could make a searchable quick reference post for curious newcomers.
Median Home Price by City and Metro Area
City Metro
Austin $426,750 $365,091
Fort Worth $224,982 $270,907
Dallas $201,000 $270,907
Houston $196,902 $222,936
San Antonio $196,162 $211,964
Corpus Christi $164,747 $169,797
Lubbock $155,105 $153,852
Waco $152,661 $170, 311
El Paso $143,505 $140,161
Amarillo $143,295 $215,658
All data taken from Zillow Research.
I couldn't find reliable numbers for Midland/Odessa or the RGV. Any help on those would be appreciated.
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2020.10.19 23:08 GetDank42069 Gorillaz unpopular opinion thread part 2

Hello again, here's another thread for any unpopular opinions you may have about Gorillaz, hopefully with little judgement Here's some of my own:
Broken > On melancholy hill
Amarillo is better than a lot of the songs on plastic beach
Demon Days has the best album cover
Despite Amarillo being good, a lot of the songs on The Fall are just okay
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2020.10.19 22:42 youraveragesprite I fucking hate the city I’ve lived in for most of my life.

I live in Amarillo, Texas. The level of Trump stupidity and the fact that in the entire state us and Lubbock 100 miles south of here have the highest number of Covid cases shows just how fucking stupid the people are here. I’m really starting to HATE it here. True hate. Owning a house and having a decent career, where you don’t want to be truly sucks. I know it could be so much worse but the stupidity here is literally making me depressed and angry.
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2020.10.19 22:22 youraveragesprite Thank you Karen at Casey One early voting for not wearing a mask!

To the Neanderthal Karen in front of me not wearing a mask to vote today, I should have lowered mine and coughed in your face. People like YOU are the reason Amarillo is back at Code Red for Covid-19. Your black roots with blonde ponytail, mustache hair and crusty back tattoo was enough to look at, a mask could have improved your looks. Also, thank you for wasting my time because you had to have the voting process explained to you because you’re too stupid to bring an ID and follow clearly marked X’s and had to go back to your car to get your ID. Just wow. Bravo.
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2020.10.19 21:55 Drock1879 First trip with my mini at Palo Duro Canyon in Amarillo, TX. I’ve had it for about two weeks, I’m hooked!

First trip with my mini at Palo Duro Canyon in Amarillo, TX. I’ve had it for about two weeks, I’m hooked! submitted by Drock1879 to dji [link] [comments]

2020.10.19 21:54 Scubaswan So...

If science is bad, does that mean trump fans will give up their medications and hospitals? Seems legit.
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2020.10.19 21:42 ozzraven ¿Como se vuelve a legitimar, la idea de que debe haber un orden público y respeto a la propiedad privada, y que la pega de carabineros, en democracia es, entre otros, esa?

La sociedad tiene un problema subyacente que es mas profundo actualmente que lo que va a decidir el plebiscito.

Carabineros como institucion Legítima para un sector politico de la poblacion, y completamente des legitimizada para el otro sector.

casi volviendo al nivel de comienzos de los 90, en donde la politizacion de carabineros asociada a dictadura era super fuerte. Por ahi cambio el color de los vehiculos y el uniforme de los carabineros
Hay una especie de trampa de la cual no se como el pais podria salir:
¿Como Chile vuelve a reconocer la necesidad de orden publico y respeto a la propiedad? ¿Como chile vuelve a reconocer en la institucion policial, la potestad de detener el crimen?
Siento que nada de eso va a cambiar la sensacion actual de que quienes estan en funcion de hacer ejercer el estado de derecho, no merecen hacerlo.
Y de parte de los pacos el mismo resentimiento de vuelta. Recuerdo haberle escuchado a un paco en la comisaria estar tratando como el pico a la gente porque le habia tocado trasnochar webiando en la villa francia.
El deterioro es mutuo.
¿Como se soluciona?
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2020.10.19 21:21 Drock1879 First trip with my mini at Palo Duro Canyon in Amarillo, TX. I’ve had it for about two weeks, I’m hooked!

First trip with my mini at Palo Duro Canyon in Amarillo, TX. I’ve had it for about two weeks, I’m hooked! submitted by Drock1879 to djimavicmini [link] [comments]

2020.10.19 21:04 dmatred501 A haunted house in Amarillo, TX is spreading some pretty scary pseudoscience on their page.

A haunted house in Amarillo, TX is spreading some pretty scary pseudoscience on their page. submitted by dmatred501 to insanepeoplefacebook [link] [comments]

2020.10.19 18:58 pretend_im_right RV Rentals in Palo Duro?

Does anyone know if there are RVs for rent in Palo Duro? I have seen I can rent an RV and have it delivered to a campsite, but the campsite reservations seem difficult to get on a weekend. Basically I am wanting to rent both from the same person to make it easy.
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2020.10.19 18:37 calibuildr Georgia Parker- When You Leave Amarillo (Turn Out The Lights)
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2020.10.19 18:18 eastcoastrompin Picked up a good haul of Aji Amarillo, anyone have a good sauce recipe?
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2020.10.19 15:20 wavie_davie 6th street massacre told me fog kills COVID-19 so we’re in the clear guys

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2020.10.19 09:26 JimMarch A great big dump of info on how owner operator pay and financial stuff works.

Ok, I've been having a conversation with one guy considering going OTR. He's got several questions, some of which he doesn't know he's asking.
So, in this post I'm going to cover a bunch of issues in owner operator pay.
First off, the guy I've been talking two has had two years plus of local CDL work. That drops his insurance costs. With rare exceptions you shouldn't do OO without two years experience which drops your insurance costs and opens up a bunch of jobs that newbies can't get.
Second...a lot of people who are company drivers being paid per mile don't understand that a longer load pays LESS per mile than a shorter load. It's hard to over-emphasise this.
Let's say I'm in Atlanta GA. A 391mi load to Memphis TN might pay $2.50 a mile - $977.50. An 1,106mi load to Amarillo TX might pay $1.50 a mile - $1659.
As a company driver making 50 cents a mile, you want the load to Amarillo. As an owner operator, you want the load to Memphis if you're on percentage pay. On per-mile pay you chase miles. On percentage pay you chase money - besides the obvious, you're trying to offset fuel costs (which you pay for).
There's company driver gigs that pay 28%to 30%, but you don't pay for the truck or fuel. These can be a good deal.
There's also owner operator programs that pay per mile - typically $1.06/mi to $1.20/mi "plus fuel surcharge" - we'll get to that. In normal times you can make money that way but there's a problem. In the Covid-19 era? No - fucking - way, and yes I'll explain.
The BIG problem with all per-mile pay systems (company driver OR owner-op) is that your have a fundamental conflict with your dispatchers. They want to make max money. You want miles. This always leads to conflict eventually.
With me so far?
Ok. Next...all trucking is split between long term contracts and the spot market. The latter is all about sudden, unplanned loads. A shipper calls a broker and wants a truck tomorrow, and it's willing to pay "x".
The contract market is when a given shipper agrees to (typically) a six month contract between a shipper or broker. By US law, long term contracts are always quoted "price plus fuel surcharge".
Ok. A while back, long before I got in the game, there was a sudden spike in fuel prices. 20+ years ago? Somebody will know. Anyhow. If a trucker had a contract to pull a particular load twice a week for "x" money, and now the fuel cost more than doubled, he was now contractually obligated to lose money on every load. A lot of trucking companies and owner operators went out of business. Some set fire to their trucks to claim insurance money. It was bad.
Somebody in the federal government got smart. They figured out how to calculate a weekly average fuel cost and then set up a "fuel surcharge rate" calculated off of that.
What it means is, it covers on average about 2/3rds of your fuel cost but more importantly, if fuel costs spike so does the fuel surcharge, so the long term contracts are all rigged as "cost of load plus fuel surcharge".
So the contract auto-adjusts to match fuel costs.
However, on the spot market there's no such critter as fuel surcharge. That $977 to Memphis has to cover fuel.
So, I was asked what I thought of a JB Hunt owner-op deal. I'd have to see what the pay structure is, if fuel surcharge is involved I want to make sure I get 100% of it, is it per-mile pay or percent, what are the numbers, etc. Oh, and for damnsure I need detention pay described.
Same for a Schneider owner-op program, except I know some of their numbers. Last I heard they pay 65% on the IC (Independent Contractor) Choice program, which can also allow older pre-smog trucks (2001 to 2007 model years). There's no trailer rental costs which is good. Main annoyance people complain about on YouTube is finding empty trailers (mostly drop and hook, swapping trailers a lot).
SFI is the truck leasing wing of Schneider. Looking around their site most of the trucks have the Tripac generatoac system, or if it's Freightliner something equivalent. If you're running a "smog truck" allowed in California, first rule is, it needs to be 2013 forward if it's a Volvo with the D13 (D16 is junk) or Freightliner with a DD15 (avoid the DD13, it's a turd), if it's a Cummins ISX15 it needs to be 2014 or later (X15 is better, 2016 forward), it's it's a Paccar MX13 or Navistar N13B it needs to be 2016 or later.
Second rule of smog trucks: YOU MUST NOT IDLE IT MUCH - ESPECIALLY NOT ALL NIGHT. Idling kills a smog truck. In about one year. You must have either a battery bank driving an AC unit with the main engine off ("EPU") or small diesel generator driving heating and cooling with the main engine off (APU).
Here's why I don't want to do a megacarrier owner-op program.
JB Hunt, XPO, Schneider are all decent big companies - worlds better than CR England, PAM, CRST, etc. But like all the other big outfits, these guys make most of their money in the contract world.
Well guess what? The contract market is, at present, a shambles. Nobody knows where rates are going and nobody sane wants to lock in a contract that could lead to them going broke in six months.
I'm really not kidding here. The Kung Flu has, among other problems, completely scrambled national and international trade routes. The money to be made right now in the spot market is off the charts - as in BIG money in dry van and reefer. Flatbed is doing ok so far but it always fades in winter and if any will collapse first it'll be those guys if there's a real estate implosion (commercial or residential).
So. Where I want to be is in a smallish spot market company with an excellent rep among brokers. That's where I am right now, but in renting a truck I'm paying too much and the company takes more than I like (78% to me, 22% to them on each load). Once I own a truck my percentage rises.
One guy I've been talking to has, potentially, $25k to spend on a truck, and he's solo...a one-bed special will do (Volvo 630s with D12 motors are common as fleas). I have a bit more to spend, nearly $40k, and with my wife out with me I need a double bunk beast.
Why am I buying a 2001-2007 era carefully picked "rat truck" instead of going to somebody like SFI?
Let's talk about that!
So... What happens if the market goes to shit?
That happened in April of 2020, for about 2 months. Buck a mile was the average rate. Ohshit.jpg, right? So what did I do, with $950/wk fixed costs?
Well thank the deity of your choice, fuel prices fell. I was also in a deal where there was NOT a per-mile maintenance fee, just a fixed rental of $700/wk for the truck, $250 for the trailer and insurance.
How did I survive? Ran my balls off, that how. 4,000 mile weeks were fucking brutal. But let's crunch the numbers: of that $4k, I kept 78%, so:
$4000×78%−$950(fixed costs)−$900(fuel)=$1,270
Pleasant? Hell no! But this is still weekly - it kept the bills paid, wife and I fed, etc.
It was like that for two months and then got a lot better.
Now let's crunch the same numbers but I own a good rat-truck outright, pink slip in hand, and I only run 3,000 miles:
$3000×88%−$250(trailer rent and insurance)−$900(fuel)=$1,490.
Now, I still need to put away $500/wk for my maintenance costs, but if I still have a $10k reserve already I can delay that $500/wk for a little while. And if I park it for a week to rest I'm only in the hole $250 instead of $950.
(This kind of "bad times" are going to come back, but I don't think they'll last too long - a lot of companies with higher operating costs will go under, driving prices back up!)
Upshot: as long as you carefully as hell pick out that rat-truck and it holds up for 2+ years, and you work the spot market with a small cool ethical company that knows the spot market inside and out and can dispatch you until you learn this stuff and can switch to self-dispatch if you want...
Guess what? That's the safe play. Why? Because your per-mile operating cost is literally the lowest in the business.
You're the unkillable cockroach of trucking. Not even kidding.
Need a small cool ethical spot market player? Talk to Igor - I used to roll for him as a company driver some years back. One of the best human beings I've ever met in trucking.
I'd go back but the outfit I've been with for the last year is just as good and it benefits me to stay with them to stabilize my resume. I can't tell you who they are unfortunately. Igor was my backup plan, it doesn't appear I need him but...yeah.
Both have well respected spot market MC numbers - meaning brokers have no qualms dealing with you. The tighter the market the more that matters.
IMPORTANT: every once in a while a broker will screw you. Complain without screaming or yelling but in the end, to protect that MC number, you may have to bend over and take it. Why? Because a report on Carrier411 or Freightguard (subscription services where brokers exchange info on bad trucking companies) will massively fuck you and your company.
Oh, and whatever you do, once you make a deal with a broker, even if you see a better load pop up, don't get tempted. Make a deal, live with it - same reason. Ok?
If Igor or somebody like him knows you understand this, he'll be much, MUCH happier giving you self dispatch rights faster.
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2020.10.19 09:09 Americangearllc Worldwide Gearbox Service - Stork Gears & Services

Worldwide Gearbox Service - Stork Gears & Services
If you are in need of industrial gearbox repair, we at American Gears LLC offer complete reconditioning on industrial gearboxes of all OEM brands. We are fully equipped to provide all gearbox services performing a complete evaluation of your gearbox. Our in-house design, engineering, and manufacturing services ensure quality workmanship. We provide a warranty and guarantee on workmanship and materials. We work on leading brands like Marley, Amarillo, Philadelphia, Lufkin, Rexnord, Falk, SPX, Falk and Siemens, and more.
The most common type of industrial gears that are being used is Spur gears where the teeth of these gears fall parallel to a machine’s rotational axis. These type of gears are used in machines which have low-speed applications and proper sound organization.
For all your requirements on Gears and Reducers kindly get in touch with us at 713.360.6995 and take some time to visit our website at
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Peter Kay brings back 'On The Road to Amarillo' feat. The ... J Balvin - Amarillo (Letra/Lyrics) - YouTube Tony Christie - Amarillo - 1971 / ... J Balvin - Amarillo (Official Lyric Video) - YouTube Shakira - Amarillo (Audio) - YouTube British Army Is this the way to Amarillo - YouTube (Is This The Way To) Amarillo - YouTube Amarillo - YouTube J Balvin - Amarillo (Official Video) - YouTube George Strait - Amarillo By Morning (Live From The ...

Amarillo Globe-News: Local News, Politics & Sports in ...

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Subscribe and 🔔 to OFFICIAL BBC YouTube 👉 Stream original BBC programmes FIRST on BBC iPlayer 👉 Donate to The B... Colores out now: Shop: Subscribe to J Balvin's channel here: This is George performing 'Amarillo By Morning' live from the Astrodome. The best version of my favorite song! This is property of George Strait and MCA Reco... Tony Christie The brilliant, yet funny, Comic Relief 2005 video to (Is This The Way To) Amarillo... minus Jonathan Ross babbling on like a little old git at the beginning ... British Army Dragoons perform their own music video of Is this the way to Amarillo. Shakira - 'Amarillo' (Audio) 'El Dorado' is available now! iTunes: Apple Music: Spotify: http://sm... Colores out now: Shop: Colores: Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group Amarillo · J. Balvin Colores ℗ Universal Music Latino; ℗ 2020 UMG Recordings, Inc. Released on: 2020-03-19 Produ... J Balvin - Amarillo (Letra/Lyrics) #JBalvin #Amarillo #Letra #Lyrics #Colores